At Rosemary A. Lambert, CPA, PA, we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of our clients' operations by ensuring you feel safe and at ease when dealing with a third-party accounting firm. That is why security, trust, confidentiality and loyalty are all values that remain at the core of our business processes. But don't just take our word, read what a few of our valued clients have to say about their experience with our dynamic company.

Client: Patriot Agencies

Location: Kannapolis, NC

Services Provided:
Full-service accounting

“I have worked with Rosemary A. Lambert, CPA, PA for more than 11 years, and the prompt attention I receive from her firm never ceases to impress me. It is like I have a full-time accountant on staff everyday.”


Christopher Brissette

Client: Johnson Insurance

Location: Monroe, NC

Services Provided:
Customized package - manage premiums account for all locations and multiple finance companies.

“Managing multiple insurance agencies was once a daunting task, but with Rosemary A. Lambert, CPA, PA on my team I begin work each morning with freshly balanced books for all locations. Their staff is prompt and courteous to work with.”


Todd Johnson

Client: ABC Express Insurance Agency

Location: Clinton, NC

Services Provided:
Customized package - manage premiums account, balance operating account, monthly financial statement compilation, and corporate tax return and payroll services.


“As a small agency with large expectations, Rosemary A. Lambert, CPA, PA has delivered on all fronts. They are there when I need them with timely and accurate solutions. Having Rosemary A. Lambert, CPA, PA on my side I am reassured daily that my financial goals are at the core of their processes.”


Jeff Warren